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FrumPics Policies

1. FrumPics celebrates frum life in all its forms. We welcome all expressions of Torah-true life, from the blackest hat to the whitest kipa. All of us comprise Klal Yisroel, we are united in faith.

2. FrumPics devotes to the positive. We all have our flaws, and this is not their forum. Please do not submit pictures painting people in bad light or comments that disparage people. Such pictures and comments will be left unposted or removed, and eventually people spreading such negativity will be banned.

3. If you find your photo on FrumPics and you wish it were not there, please do send us a message. We will remove it entirely or take you out of the picture.

4. FrumPics invites, welcomes and needs your input. Please send us pictures of your events, comment on pictures posted, tag-identify people you recognize in pictures and upvote or downvote comments. Your input runs the site!

5. Do suggest improvements and modifications. We take all comments very seriously and need all the direction we can get.

6. Any delay in response may be due to our workload. If we do not respond for 24 hours, feel free to contact us again. We sometimes forget.

7. We encourage people to share photos with their friends and relatives. There are several sharing options on the page for your convenience, we prefer that you use them instead of download the picture and sending it.

8. Feel free to use FrumPics photographs on your own website, but please give credit to FrumPics and include a hyperlink to www.frumpics.com.

9. Would you like to become more involved in running the website? Please message us!

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